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Creating Your Daily Personal Outreach Program

September 21, 2010

How healthy is your daily social networking diet?

In last weeks post we looked at the Healthy Outreach Pyramid.  We looked at how you should divide the time you dedicate to social networking online each day, by segregating your efforts into three categories: Listen, Create and Communicate. If you missed it you can read all about it here.

To get your started below is an example of an easy 12-step (no pun intended) daily to-do list to grow and maintain a successful online presence. It will be slightly different for everyone, dependent on your goals, and which tools you have decided to use, so use this as a starting point and customize as necessary:

1. Get the scoop on recent news stories relating to your industry, read online publications, blogs and forums. [Listening]

2. Listen to what your competitors are up to – follow them, and note what they’re doing well and not so well. Learn from them, but whatever you do don’t copy them! [Listening]

3. Read other people’s blog posts within your community, and then comment on them.  Not general responses, “Yeah, I agree”.  Add valuable feedback, or an opinionated rebuttal or some passionate insight. [Listen/communicate]

4. Read something not related to your business or industry.  Stretch yourself everyday to broaden your knowledge, as one-dimensional people are boring. [Listening]

5. Post a blog. Even if it’s just a cool quote you’ve heard, a thought you woke up with, an interesting photo or a rant about something that’s pissing you off.  What you write about should always offer humor, insight or assistance, and should be worthy of a response and reflect the values of your brand. Your blog should not be all about you, but should always be passionate and authentic. (Read the chapter on blogs for more tips and advice.) [Create]

5. Share other people’s blog posts and re-tweet your favorite tweets of the day. Spread the joy! [Communicate]

6. Comment back to people who’ve commented on your blog.  Thank them, and take the time to offer a personalized response to their comments. Thank people who have retweeted your tweets or responded to your update too (More on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in the chapters to follow.) [Communicate]

7. Reach out and introduce yourself to three new people in your online community. These people could be fellow bloggers, other members of forums you participate in, someone you met at a gig or a Casting Director you auditioned for yesterday, etc. [Communicating]

9. Reconnect with people who matter to you. Shoot them an email to say hello; not to ask for anything or to try and sell them your product.  Don’t expect anything – just reach out and comment on their recent activity, offer your services to them. You should nurture your relationships with these people. [Communicate]

10. Refill your ideas factory – add a couple of ideas, images, quotes, or others’ posts that have inspired you to your ‘Inspiration Archive’. [Create]

11. Re-read your 6 and 12 month goals.  Has anything changed?  Does any part of your online plan need adjusting?

12. Start thinking about what elements of your plan you can start implementing next.  Do one small action towards that now!

I think I’ll delve into the do’s and don’ts of email marketing next as I’m getting questions from folks about this.  If you have comments, questions, suggestions – don’t be shy!  Add them as comments below.

Remember – Keep sharing!

The smallest good deed is worth a thousand grand intentions.”


Image by doglington via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.

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